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Prestige Medical Consultants offers a variety of services to fit your complex needs. Talk to us about a free introductory consulting session to see what services would best suit your needs.

Medical Billing Services

Billing is often one of the greatest sources of frustration and difficulty for practices. That is why we put such a strong emphasis on our medical billing services.  You are in the business of healing, and chasing after insurance companies and patients definitely takes you away from your true mission. Allowing Medical Billing Alternatives to manage your billing efforts will allow you to put your attention into actually growing your practice. Click here to find out more about our billing services.

Certified Coding and CPT Coding

Medical Billing Consulting / Billing Analysis

Having 22 years experience, our CEO knows the billing industry in and out. As a result of her powerful medical billing consulting, you will have:

Practice Management

We offer a wide variety of services to help you with practice management.


We eliminate one of the major headaches in healthcare and give you the peace of mind of only working with experts. We can quickly credential you with the necessary payers and always ensure our clients receive fair compensation from the insurers. To find out more about our credentialing services, click here.

It Comes Down To Customization.

Your Business Has Needs….. We Have A Customized Package To Meet Them. Do you see some services you need and others that you don’t? Don’t Worry! With MBA you can  create your own package. Whether it is medical billing servicesmedical billing and coding certificationcpt codingmedical billing consulting or any other service that we offer, we will work with to you build a package to fit your needs and your budget. For immediate information on our customized packages, please call us at 615-849-8861.