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This price is based on the services you choose, your specialty and your annual volume. In general our rates run between 7-10% depending on the factors mentioned above.
All of our medical and billing specialists must carry a degree from an accredited college/trade school and/or have seven years of hands on experience. Our specialties include Family Practice, Pain Management, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Dermatology, Wound Care, and Orthotics/Prosthetics just to name a few. We make sure you are only getting the best in a certified medical coder and biller.
Absolutely. We can take care of all of your medial and billing needs. A certified medical coder will handle your medicare billing.
MBA medical and billing services is located near Nashville, Tennessee.
Because we have all electronic claims paperwork filled out two to three weeks before the effective date of your contract, the effect on your cash flow is minimal.
We have a standard two-year contract; however, this contract contains an opt out clause that can be executed if you are unhappy at the end of six months. In addition, we have non-standard options available for shorter terms.
Yes. Since most everything can be handled through electronic transfer, fax, or overnight mail, we can provide services all over the country.
There are several ways: fax, electronic transfer, or courier service for local clients
Yes. We have a certified medical coder assigned to all accounts for all your coding needs.
We do. Patient statements advise the patient to call our phone number with questions about their bill.
We do. Patient statements advise the patient to call our phone number with questions about their bill.
Yes. We comply with all HIPAA regulations. As an additional service we try to assist our clients with their compliance.
Yes, we offer consulting, as well as training, for those practices that wish to keep all or part of the billing in-house. All training is done by an expert certified medical coder.
Yes, we submit electronically to most commercial companies, as well as Medicare and BC/BS. However, some companies are still not set up to receive electronic submissions. In these cases the claim will be “dropped to paper” and sent to the insurance company.
After your practice and MBA come to an agreement on which services your practice needs, we will enter into a contract for those services. At this point MBA will analyze your A/R. We will then submit your oldest claims first before they become uncollectible. While we are working on your AR recovery, we also handle all your current claims on a daily basis.

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